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Scan equipment with barcodes and QR codes


Create & manage schedules based on type of equipment.

Create & manage schedules based on type of equipment.

A Quality inventory management

One of the biggest problems of organizations is asset tracking, its breakdown service and maintenance. AFIX+ is the best solution for tracking and maintenance management of your assets. AFIX+ is not only a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) program, but also an end-to-end (E2E) Facility Management (FM) system with the management of AFIX+ teams.

  • You can easily track your assets with QR code, who owns it, its location, breakdown and maintenance history details.
  • The breakdown processes of your assets are managed flawlessly with opening work order ticket, servicing and invoicing stages.
  • Warranty and insurance follow-up process management of assets is carried out perfectly. (No payment is made to the contractor under warranty and insurance.)
  • Based on the contractor's offers and quality score, the best contractor to serve is selected.
  • Your costs decrease and your inventory management and tracking quality increase with big data analysis, reporting and actions taken by the AFIX+ team.
  • Transactions with internal user messaging are easier, fast and effective.
  • Special and Quick Solution
  • The Latest Technology
  • Sustainability



Save Money


Information at a glance Check the entire movement & update history of any specific asset. View work order tickets, schedules and activities, and total lifetime expenses.

Asset Tracking

  • Automatically generate asset codes from system or use your existing codes to create barcodes and QR codes.
  • Use the QR code at any time to scan, check and open the work order ticket.
  • Trace assets back through their entire lifetime and view their movements and usage.

Preventive Maintenance Programme

  • Send reminders to technicians through mobile notifications, SMS and email. Alerts and escalations for reminders and delays.
  • Create & manage schedules based on type of equipment
  • Create checklists in schedules for tasks to be done periodically.

Asset Management

  • Change asset status like In Use, In Stock or any custom status while transferring assets
  • Manage site transfers and asset verification processes of your assets.
  • Automatic email reminders when the asset return deadlines

Work Order Management

  • Create periodical maintenance schedules depending on your preferred routine maintenance
  • Automatically schedule maintenance routines based on the set timetable.
  • Set reminders to prevent forgetfulness when carrying out maintenance.

Critical Equipment Management

  • Prioritize work orders according to your configurable criteria (T1-T5)
  • By the type of malfunctions, classify them according to the most suitable contractor or contractors to solve them.
  • Add the descriptions, images to work orders, services as files.

Who can use?

Manufacturing organizations, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, cafes, schools, banks and insurance, media organizations, technology companies, gyms, government agencies, gas stations.

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Asset Tracking

Access all the information belonging to your Asset

Critical Equipment Management

Increase the Uptime of your Critical Equipment With CMMS Preventive Maintenance Software

Work Order Management

Accelerate solutions of your malfunctions in your facilities using AFIX +

Your inventory will be managed and controlled from a single center with AFIX+.